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Twisted Lines

twisted_lines_icon_outline Twisted Lines

Twisted Lines is a new mind twisting puzzle game with a unique game mechanic wrapped in a beautiful minimalist presentation. Just cross the lines to swap colors and collect all hollow squares to solve the puzzle. Get it now on the App Store and Amazon Underground:

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dot_rosa Over 100 handcrafted puzzles await you.

 The music adapts to the way you solve the puzzle.

 New puzzle elements keep the game fresh and challenging

 Create beautiful patterns and share them with your friends

 Solve all chapters and explore the hidden narrative.

dot_rosa Use hints if you’re stuck

 New free chapters coming soon


Finalist @Adopt my Game Awards Nominated Deutscher Entwicklerpreis Nominated Deutscher Entwicklerpreis
Made with Unity Showcase @Unite Europe  award_develop-brighton

Download it now

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Press & Contact

Screenshots, Trailer and background information can be found in our press kit. For questions, problems or feedback please send us an email to info@megagonindustries.com or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

If you enjoy Twisted Lines please have a look at our previous game … and then it rained.

About Megagon Industries

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Megagon Industries publishes games developed by Jan Bubenik, Severin Brettmeister, Daniel Helbig and friends. Located in Berlin and Munich we make games exactly as we want them to be.


Daniel Helbig
Code and Game Design
Severin Brettmeister
Art and Interface
Martin Wiese
Music and Sound