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Imprint & Disclaimer

Megagon Industries GmbH

Frankfurter Allee 245
10365 Berlin


USt.-IdNr. / VAT ID: DE314568129

Registernummer: HRB 191068 B
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Geschäftsführer: Jan Bubenik, Daniel Helbig



We do use third party services like Facebook, Google Analytics, iCloud, Flurry, GA (GameAnalytics) and others, and tools like cookies in our website/apps/games. This third party services are widely used and generally accepted and may gather information about you like your IP address or, if you are logged into one of these services, additional information about your visit on our site or while you are using our app/game.
We only use this third party services to improve the user’s experience by providing functions like leaderboards, achievements, save games in the cloud, etc. and to improve our current website/app/game and future products by learning about the user’s behavior. All this information about you are anonymized and we have no chance to know who exactly has used our product! We only can see how somebody (“mister x”) has used it, so we can learn and improve.
We do everything we can to ensure that your data is safe and will never share this data knowingly with anybody for marketing or advertising reasons nor will we sell your data to other companies! However, the mentioned third party services have your data and if you use these services may have even more data about you. We are not responsible for their actions! Please check their websites to see their privacy statements.
Using the internet, websites, email and forms on websites is never 100% safe! Data transmitted via the internet can be intercepted by others. So please be aware that we do handle your data, messages, etc. with great care, but there is no guarantee that they won’t be stolen or bugged.
Of course, we do not take any responsibility for any website/app/game we refer to using links or ads! Those contents are in the responsibility of their according owners.
We carefully curate our content but cannot guarantee that it is correct all the time. Shit happens – mistakes are made!
All our contents are legally owned by Jan Bubenik, Severin Brettmeister und Daniel Helbig GbR and are not to be used without the owners written approval. Third party content belongs to their rightful owners and should be labelled or identifiable as such.
If you find any errors or have any questions or problems, please contact us: info@megagonindustries.com